/əˈkʌr(ə)ns/ Noun
Arti: kejadian
Example: Earthquakes are not everyday occurrences in this place.

/ˌkəʊɪnˈsʌɪd/ Verb
Kata dasar: Coincide
Arti: kejadian yang terjadi secara bersamaan
Example: the events coincide with the Louisburg Summer Festival.

/fəˈnɒmɪnən/ Noun
Arti: Kejadian, gejala, perwujudan.
Example: He said the fog reported by the farmers was a natural phenomenon and not connected with the power plant.

Lunar eclipse
Arti: Gerhana bulan
Example: That is why in a total lunar eclipse the Moon appears a dark reddish-brown.

/əˈpiːl/ Noun
Kata dasar: appeal
Arti: Seruan/menyeru
Example: The mayor made an appeal to the people of the city to stay calm.

/ɪnˈkʌrɪdʒ/ Verb
Arti: Dorongan, memberi semangat, meyakinkan
Example: Teachers have always encouraged students to talk and think for themselves.

TEMPO.COJakarta – Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan issued a circular letter of instructions on the occurrence of Total Moon Eclipse in Jakarta. The letter dated January 23, addressed to three heads of Department, namely Head of Education, Head of Tourism and Culture, and Head of Education and Mental Spiritual Bureau.

“On Wednesday, January 31, there will be a total lunar eclipse (GBT) in Jakarta area that coincides with the phenomena of the super moon and Blue Moon. The beginning of GBT is estimated to occur at 19:51 pm, with the peak at 20:29 pm, and ends at 21:07 pm,” quoted in the circular letter wrote by Anies Baswedan.

Head of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Tinia Budiati confirmed the circulation of such letter was true. “Right (there is a letter),” said Tinia when contacted, on Tuesday night, January 23. In the letter, Anies Baswedan gave instruction to the three heads of the Related Office related to the GBT phenomenon. These instructions are:

  1. Kadisdik (Head of Education), please spread the news to schools containing information about the phenomenon of lunar eclipse accompanied with appeals to teachers to make the phenomenon as a medium of learning and encourage students’ interest to study science and grateful for the grace and admire the greatness of God.
  2. Kadisparbud (Head of Tourism and Culture), please set up facilities and support in tourist attractions under the management of Jakarta Administration that can be used as a lunar eclipse observation point for the Jakarta citizens.
  3. Kabiro Dikmental (Head of Education and Mental Spiritual Bureau), please spread the news to the mosques containing information about the phenomenon of the lunar eclipse with the invitation and guidance to perform the eclipse prayer in syar’i(religious) way. MUHAMMAD HENDARYANTO