1.  hampered

Kata dasar : Hamper

|ˈhampər| Verb

menghambat perkembangan

example : Their work is hampered by lack of funds.


2.  conventional

|kənˈven(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l| Adjective

konvensional, lazim, biasa

example : A conventional morality had dictated behavior.


3.  occupancy

|ˈäkyəpənsē| Noun

hunian, pemilikan

example : The house is finally ready for occupancy.


4.  properly

|ˈpräpərlē| Adverb

secara benar, sepantasnya

example : The system would help to ensure that the work is carried out properly.


5.  business climate

|ˈbiznəs| |ˈklīmit| Noun

Iklim usaha

example : The current business climate is heading towards young startups and micro businesses.


Article : Ministers plan talks on request to block Airbnb

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara will talk to Tourism Minister Aief Yahya about the request to block global hospitality marketplace Airbnb from the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI), an official has said.

“The request will be discussed by Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara and Tourism Minister Arief Yahya,” Communications and Information Ministry’s information applications director general Samuel Abrijani said in Jakarta on Thursday night as reported by tempo.co.

Samuel commented on the request from PHRI chairman Hariyadi Sukamdani because the platform had hampered conventional hospitality businesses, indicated by the decline in the country’s hotel occupancy rate.

Hariyadi said he had no problem with the business model of Airbnb as long as it was properly regulated, because the unregulated business created unfair business competition.

Samuel said the decision would be made by Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. “We are still waiting for the minister’s decision,” he added.

He said the government would consider all aspects related to the request because Airbnb had created opportunities for households to earn rental fees from unoccupied spaces in their houses, but the the government also needed to maintain a good business climate.


quoted from The Jakarta Post :