Kata dasar: Inundate
Kelas kata: Verb
Pelafalan: /ˈɪnʌndeɪt/
Arti kata: membanjiri, menggenangi
Contoh: The majority of the rivers overflow and inundate roads and houses.

Kelas kata: Noun
Pelafalan: /ˈrɛfjuːdʒ/
Arti kata: Tempat perlindungan
Contoh: However, most of the residents preferred to stay home instead of taking refuge elsewhere.

Kelas kata: Adjective
Pelafalan: /ˈɪntɪɡreɪtɪd/
Arti kata: Padu, terpadu
Contoh: A better integrated transport system would mean faster and better links with other parts of the country.

Kelas kata: Noun
Pelafalan : /dɪˈzɑːstə/
Arti kata: Bencana, malapetaka
Contoh: Children are those who are most prone to disasters like earthquake, fire and flood.

Kelas kata: Verb
Pelafalan: /rɪˈsiːd/
Arti kata: Surut, menyusut
Contoh: Even after the surface flood water has receded, the soil may remain saturated for some time.

Kelas kata: Noun
Pelafalan: /əˈʃʊər(ə)ns/
Arti kata: Kepastian, jaminan
Contoh: They were frightened until our men gave them food, clothing, and assurances of safety.

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Floods in Jakarta have affected at least 4,305 residents, from 1,129 families, after their houses were inundated by floodwater from the overflowing Ciliwung River on Monday, Social Affairs Minister Idrus Marham said.

Until Monday evening, 3,100 residents, whose houses were inundated, took refuge in safer places, he noted in a statement here on Tuesday.

The floodwater inundated houses in Kramat Jati Sub-district areas of Cawang, Cililitan, Kampung Melayu, Bidara Cina, Cipinang Melayu, and Balaikambang, as well as those in Jatinegara Subdistrict area of Cipinang Muara and Chinese Bidara.

The floodwater reached a height of between 20 centimeters and 200 centimeters. Many tents and public kitchens had been set up in safer places near the disaster areas, including in Cililitan`s child-friendly integrated public spaces (RPTRA), to help those affected.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has activated 81 Disaster Preparedness Villages to respond to the floods, with 15 of them in East Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Governor Anies Baswedan earlier remarked that Jakarta`s 140 neighborhood associations (RT) and 48 RT associations (RW) were inundated after Ciliwung River overflowed following rising water levels at the Katulampa gate in Bogor, West Java.

The governor remarked that until 6 a.m. local time on Tuesday, a total of 6,532 people in East and South Jakarta were evacuated.

“The needs of the evacuees, such as blankets, accommodation, and food, have been met,” he stated.

On Tuesday morning, the water level at the Manggarai flood gate had dropped to 870 centimeters.

“God willing, it will drop further to 860 centimeters. Hence, the peak of flooding of Ciliwung River is over, and it will start to recede. Hopefully, it will be faster. We have made assurance that all pumps are in good condition,” he asserted.