Citizens (n)
Kata dasar: citizen /ˈsɪtɪz(ə)n/
Arti: warga negara
Contoh: The government has the responsibility of protecting the lives of its citizens.

Chairman (n)
Arti: ketua, pimpinan
Contoh: Archibald is the chairman, president and chief executive of the company.

Announcement (n)
Arti: pemberitahuan, pengumuman
Contoh: He is expected to make an announcement in Parliament next week.

Vote (n)
Arti: hak pilih, suara
Contoh: In 1928, all women were given the vote, thus creating universal suffrage.

Vocabulary In News First-time voters, veteran advised to register

Citizens who just turned 17 and military or police personnel who retired just before the regional elections have been advised to register with local authorities to be able to cast their votes during voting day on Wednesday.

Registration can be done until Tuesday at the latest. Those who register will get a suket (letter of recommendation).

According to the acting governor of West Java, Comr. Gen. M. Iriawan, there are 746,335 early voters who will turn 17 on the regional elections day, and 9,808 military or police personnel who will retire on voting day.

West Java General Elections Commission (KPU) chairman Yayat Hidayat said his team had coordinated with the Home Ministry to accommodate early voters and veterans.

“The Home Ministry already issued a public announcement for these voters so that they are able to record their e-ID data,” Yayat said, adding that the voters will receive a statement letter to allow them to vote.