Squline Kembali Menjadi yang Terbaik di Ajang The NextDev

Squline Repeated Its Previous Success with The NextDev 2018

Jakarta October 26th 2018—After becoming a contestant and winning the NexDev 2017 for e-education category, Squline repeated its previous success as the Best of the Best Evangelist from the NextDev Academy 2018.

The NextDev is a program to find and develop Indonesia’s Best Startup who is ready to make social impact in Indonesia. To sharpen their potential, the finalists were given a mentoring program called the NextDev Academy. The Startups with the most growth during the mentoring program were given a title as “Evangelist”.

On October 26 2018, The NextDev collaborated with Ideafest to do the final pitching for the participants. Along with the event, the Evangelists were given the opportunity to share the benefits of attending The NextDev Academy.

“We see technology as acceleration to problem-solving. Through The NextDev, we hope this program will inspire more Indonesian youths to work through technology, accomplish their ideas through digital applications that can bring benefits to a wider community” added Ririek Adriansyah, President Director of Telkomsel.

Squline is an online learning platform created to reinvent the language learning experience has successfully become The NextDev 2018 Evangelist. Not only just one of the Evangelists, Squline is also the best. With holding the Evangelist title, Squline was given the opportunity to advance to the Singtel Future Makers event.

Singtel Future Makers is a social innovative program in Singapore which was held for four months and the participants were provided with funding up to SGD 140,000, training with mentors from various related sectors, workshops, and partnership opportunities with Singtel Group and their partners.

“We are very grateful for Telkomsel and the NextDev who have chosen Squline as Evangelist. Squline’s products are very close to connectivity. Therefore, in the future, it is possible to allow many collaborations with Telkomsel to give the impact for Indonesian people, especially in the field of online learning” said Tomy Yunus, CEO of PT Cerdas Digital Nusantara (Squline).

Fact Sheets

  • Squline is the pioneer of online foreign language learning platform (English, Mandarin, and Japanese) in Indonesia which has introduced faster, more effective and efficient way to learn languages.
  • Squline has an application for learning via smartphone. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squline.student&hl=en
  • Squline’s tagline is “Be Smart Your Way” which means that everyone can be fluent in foreign languages with the easiest and the most efficient way.
  • Squline provides professional foreign teachers from The Philippines so that students will excel in their language learning journeys in a quicker way.
  • Besides the beginner level, Squline also provides English Class for children and young professional who want to be fluent in English with curriculum from PPB Atma Jaya.
  • Squline also offers Mandarin Class which is supported by native Chinese speakers from Beijing. They are certified teachers and fully-experience in teaching Mandarin for all levels, beginner and conversational Mandarin.
  • As an addition, Squline recognized the growing interest in learning Japanese for beginner. Therefore in December 2016, Squline launched Online Japanese Course in the partnership with Aki No Sora.
  • On May 2nd 2018, Squline soft-launched its new course program: online Indonesian language.
  • Squline became the largest company as an online provider of online language courses in Indonesia.
  • Squline offers 1 Free Trial Class for language learning when students register online: http://www.squline.com/