Mr Tomy Yunus as Squline's CEO at CeBIT 2018

Jakarta, 18th May 2018 – Australia is one of the developed countries in Asia-Pacific whose society generally learning Indonesian language from high school. Indonesian has turned out to be one of the popular languages in Australia, Indonesian language even went into three popular languages studied in schools besides Japanese and Mandarin.

It can be also seen and in line with many enthusiast of Squline’s Indonesian language class at the CeBIT Australia 2018 event which successfully runs smoothly.

About 12% of CeBIT Australia visitors last year (2017) are from the education sector, this is one of the reasons for Squline to penetrate the Australian market.

  • Indonesia language course when in the booth with teacher Mira
  • Indonesia language course when in the booth with teacher Mira

By utilizing technology, Squline began to penetrate the global market starting from America and now Australia. At Squline, foreign language enthusiasts will take a placement test first to find out which language skills are in demand.

Squline has cooperate with some of language institutions to provide foreign language curriculum and certificate of completion for those who have complete a certain level.

Given the importance of being able to speak foreign languages nowadays, never hesitate to start learning a foreign language.

Facts Sheet

  • Squline is the pioneer of online foreign language learning platform (English, Mandarin, and Japanese) in Indonesia which has introduced faster, more effective and efficient way to learn languages.
  • Squline’s tagline is “Be Smart Your Way” which means that everyone can be fluent in foreign languages with the easiest and the most efficient way.
  • Squline provides professional foreign teachers from The Philippines so that students will excel at their language learning journeys in a quicker way.
  • Besides the beginner level, Squline also provides English Class for children and young professional who would want to be fluent in English.
  • Squline also offers Mandarin Class which is supported by native Chinese speakers from Beijing, they are certified teachers and fully-experience in teaching Mandarin for all level, beginner and conversational Mandarin.
  • As an addition, Squline recognized the growing interest in learning Japanese for beginner, therefore in December 2016, Squline launched Online Japanese Course in the partnership with Aki No Sora
  • On May 2nd 2018, Squline soft-launched its new course program: online Indonesian language.
  • Squline is the biggest online language learning provider in Indonesia.
  • Squline offers 1 Free Trial Class for language learning when student registering online :