In the spirit of supporting local entrepreneurship, GEPI ( Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia) has hosted Raising Giants : Celebrating Indonesian Startup.

SquLine as one of GEPI’s incubatees that joined Raising Giants event on 6th November 2015 at @america, Pacific Place, has introduced the new design and spirits of SquLine.  With the ever-challenging society, we believe that learning foreign languages is the most important skill in order to survive in this modern world.  Advancement of technology and internet help to create society without border and learning foreign languages help to unite that borderless society.

SquLine's CEO : Tomy Yunus Tjen was pitching in Raising Giants

SquLine’s CEO : Tomy Yunus Tjen was pitching in Raising Giants


In SquLine, we believe that learning supposed to be fun and exciting.  We want to make sure you always feel awesome with yourself whenever you take class because improving new skill and being smarter can gain your self-esteem! Everyone can be smart because language is something that can be learned of, but the way how the students learn will define the learning output.  Therefore we believe that being smart in the students’ way is the best way. For that, we introduce our new face, new spirits and new tagline of SquLine ‘Be Smart Your Way’, to share our fun and attractive sides with you.

Special thanks for DMID for helping SquLine in our branding strategy and stronger brand image.  Thanks for helping us to deliver our vision and passion through our brand visual.

SquLine's Co-Founders and CEO of DMID

SquLine’s Co-Founders and CEO of DMID



SquLine's Co-founders with all member of GEPI Incubatees.

SquLine’s Co-founders with all member of GEPI Incubatees.

Hopefully our new face and spirits can convey all of you to be smart your way with SquLine. Let’s have fun and be fluent together!