1. Maid of Honor (noun) : Pengiring wanita
Basic word : Iring
Definition : An unmarried woman acting as the principal bridesmaid at a wedding.
Example :  Pengiring wanita itu mengenakan gaun berwarna putih gading.

2. Instead (adverb) : daripada
basic word : daripada
Definition : As an alternative or substitute.
Example : Daripada kamu bersedih, lebih baik kamu jalan-jalan ke kota.

3. identify (verb) : mengenali
basic word : kenal
Definition : Establish or indicate who or what (someone or something) is.
Example : Aku mengenali laki-laki berbaju merah itu.

4. Chosen (adjective) : terpilih
Basic word : pilih
Definition : Having been selected as the best or most appropriate.
Example   : Jokowi adalah presiden terpilih pada tahun 2014 lalu.

5. Stylist (noun) : penata gaya
Basic word : penata gaya
Definition : A designer of fashionable styles of clothing.
Example : Bruno Mars menggunakan penata gaya untuk melakukan sesi pemotretan.

6. Appearance (noun) : penampilan
Basic word : Tampil
Definition : The way that someone or something looks.
Example : Penampilan wanita itu sungguh mempesona dengan busana bermotif batik Jawa yang dikenakannya.

How Harry & Meghan’s Royal Wedding Broke Tradition

How Harry & Meghan’s Royal Wedding Broke Tradition

The Wedding Party

Traditionally, British weddings don’t have a maid of honor. Instead of adult friends, it’s typical that children of the royal family or aristocracy will serve as the “wedding party.” The Duchess of Cambridge broke this rule when her sister Pippa became the most famous maid of honor of all time at her 2011 wedding to Price William. And now, it looks like Markle will also deviate from royal tradition by appointing a maid of honor to stand with her on her big day.

Early in January, it was reported that Markle had already chosen a maid of honor, but since then, the identity of her right-hand woman has not been confirmed. Royal speculators are betting Markle has chosen her longtime BFF and stylist Jessica Mulroney as her MOH.

Mulroney and her husband Ben (son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney helped Markle and Harry stay undercover after their romance first broke news. She also accompanied Markle to the Invictus Games closing ceremony, her first public appearance with Prince Harry.