Winter Has Finally Arrived in Beijing

BLCC Main Building

It is the first week of December and winter has finally arrived. For first-timers such as I, to live under winter seasons has unveiled some sorts of new experiences. For starters, I have always lived under the tropical sun where the temperature will never reach below 30 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

It is extremely different with what I’m experiencing now in Beijing where the temperature reaches below 0 degrees Celsius in the dusk. Also, since it’s only been December, the weather will keep on getting lower.

Winter Has Finally Arrived in Beijing

BLCC Assembly Meeting Hall

The weather affects human behaviors, including the ones in our school. Our school has become quieter and with the word gloomy written all over it, people would rather stay indoors instead of the outdoors. Outdoor activities such as sports have lessened so much that it feels very silent throughout the entire day.

In such winter times, our school became a calm and solemn space in which we could stroll around while having our imaginations in check. It is now a place of solitude in which we could contemplate and reminisce about our lives and plans in the future.

It could also be a place to share laughter and emotions inside our quarters with our friends since some of us will choose to avoid the cold. Winter is definitely a season worth welcoming for.

Winter Has Finally Arrived in Beijing

BLCC Classroom Building