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Choose the correct answer


1. The Prime Minister, together with his wife, _____ the press cordially.
2. Your pants _____ at the cleaner's
3. Eight dollars _____ the price of a movie these days.
4. Nobody _____ the trouble I've seen.
5. Either answer _____ acceptable.
6. Every one of those books _____ fiction.
7. One of my sisters _____ going on a trip to France.
8. Either my mother or my father _____ coming to the meeting.
9. George and Tamara _____ want to see that movie.
10. Mathematics _____ John's favorite subject.
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Choose the correct preposition and choose wisely :p
1. It gets very cold _____ winter.
2. Betty doesn't have a job _____ the moment.
3. The telephone and the doorbell rang _____ the same time.
4. He flew from Japan. He's probably _____ Perth now.
5. Would you like to go out to dinner _____ Friday night?
6. She was tired. She's _____ bed now.
7. Goodbye! I'll see you _____ the morning.
8. Were you _____ Tom's party last night?
9. I'll see you _____ two weeks time.
10. She was born _____ 1961.
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Verb Tenses & Error Identification

Choose the correct answer and make the right choice :p






1. If the club limited its membership, it will have to raise its dues.
2. As Barbara puts in her contact lenses, the telephone rang.
3. Thousands of people will see the art exhibit by the time it closes.
4. By the time negotiations began, many pessimists have expressed doubt about them.
5. After Capt. James Cook visited Alaska on his third voyage, he is killed by Hawaiian islanders in 1779.
6. Tennis is such interesting game that people all like to play it.
7. Being a child, Mr. Johnson enjoyed Jazz and Blues.
8. The factory where a great quantity of color TV sets made next year is now being built in the southern suburb of Shanghai
9. Those staff having finished their tasks may have a rest.
10. We should practice reading English loudly every day.
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