Summon (Verb)
Arti: memanggil, memerintahkan, mengumpulkan.
Contoh: The following day all the competitors were summoned to a meeting and shown a map of Rio.

Hearings (Noun)
Kata dasar: hearing /ˈhɪərɪŋ/
Arti: Sebuah pertemuan resmi yang diadakan untuk mengumpullkan data atau informasi tentang sebuah acara atau masalah.
Contoh: There is to be a public hearing next week in the Town Hall.

Representative (Noun)
Arti: Perwakilan, wakil.
Contoh: In 1996 the UDP elected two representatives to the Northern Ireland Forum.

Staged (Verb)
Arti: menyelenggarakan, mengadakan, menggelarkan,
Contoh: People from Beloit and surrounding regions also staged a parade as the initial organized event of the day.

Rally (Noun)
Arti: rapat umum, unjuk rasa, demo.
Contoh: They held a rally outside the town hall.

Illegitimate law (Adjective)
/ˌɪlɪˈdʒɪtɪmət lɔː/
Arti: hukum yang tidak sah.
Contoh: He explained the definition of illegitimate law in a public speaking class.

DPR Summon Online Ojek Drivers to Discuss Tariff

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Government planned to meet the driver of the online-based motorcycle taxi or online ojek today, Wednesday, March 28. Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi the government will discuss the tariff request demanded by the driver as suggested by President Jokowi.

“We will meet them at 16:00 at the Chief of Presidential Staff Office,” said Budi at Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta today.

According to Budi, Jokowi suggested the ministry of transportation, Chief of Presidential Staff, and Communication and Information Ministry to hold a meeting with the driver of online ojek. Jokowi expected the meeting will form an agreement which benefits the driver and society.

The association of online-based transportation service and driver (PPT JDI) Igun Wicaksono stated his party is invited to the meeting in the State Place today afternoon. Moreover, the hearings will be held first at the House of Representatives (DPR) office at 12:00 local times. “I and 7 other drivers will act as the representatives,” Igun said.

Thousands of online ojek driver of Go-Jek and Grab staged a rally in front of the Merdeka Palace Tuesday, March 27. The Driver Online Community Forum Indonesia leader M. Rahman T. Explained two demands from the driver; illegitimate law and tariff regulation.