Vocabulary In News: Susi beats Sandiaga in Lake Sunter showdown

VOCABULARY Stemmed (Verb) Kata dasar: Stem /stɛm/ Arti: berasal dari, timbul, muncul, disebabkan oleh. Contoh: All my problems stem from drink. Quip (Noun) /kwɪp/ Arti: sindiran, gurauan, bercandaan, ejekan. Contoh: The commentators make endless quips about the female players' appearance. Outraced (Verb) Kata dasar: Outrace /aʊtˈreɪs/ Arti: mengungguli, mendahului. Contoh: So we made

Vocabulary In News: Seven Vintage Mobile Phones That Are Worth a Fortune Today

VOCABULARY 1. Outdated /aʊtˈdeɪtɪd/ Kelas kata: Adjective. Arti: Jadul, ketinggalan zaman, kuno. Contoh: Nowadays this technique is completely outdated. 2. Spurred /spəːd/ Kata dasar: Spur \ ˈspər \ Kelas kata: Verb Arti: Mendorong, memacu. Contoh: The arrival of the railroad in the late 1800s also spurred growth. 3. Overlooked Kata dasar: Overlook

Vocabulary In News: Jakarta floods affect at least 4,305 residents: Minister

VOCABULARY Inundated Kata dasar: Inundate Kelas kata: Verb Pelafalan: /ˈɪnʌndeɪt/ Arti kata: membanjiri, menggenangi Contoh: The majority of the rivers overflow and inundate roads and houses. Refuge Kelas kata: Noun Pelafalan: /ˈrɛfjuːdʒ/ Arti kata: Tempat perlindungan Contoh: However, most of the residents preferred to stay home instead of taking refuge elsewhere. Integrated Kelas

Vocabulary In News: Becak is Back in Jakarta

VOCABULARY Pedicab /ˈpɛdɪkab/ Noun Arti: becak Example: There are also curious red-painted contraptions known as pedicabs, a sort of cycle-and-sidecar. Banned /bɑːn/ Verb Kata dasar: ban Arti: larangan Example: The city has banned smoking in all public buildings. Roam /rəʊm/ Verb Arti: berkeliaran, berkelana Example: We roamed around town for a while

Vocabulary In News: Total Moon Eclipse Tonight, Anies Gives Instructions to Officials

VOCABULARY Occurrence /əˈkʌr(ə)ns/ Noun Arti: kejadian Example: Earthquakes are not everyday occurrences in this place. Coincides /ˌkəʊɪnˈsʌɪd/ Verb Kata dasar: Coincide Arti: kejadian yang terjadi secara bersamaan Example: the events coincide with the Louisburg Summer Festival. Phenomenon /fəˈnɒmɪnən/ Noun Arti: Kejadian, gejala, perwujudan. Example: He said the fog reported by the farmers was

Vocabulary In News: Bank Indonesia, police prevent bitcoin transactions in Bali

VOCABULARY 1. Take measures (phrase) Arti: melakukan sesuatu untuk mencapai tujuan tertentu. Example: In such circumstances Iraq has every right to take measures to defend itself. 2. Alluring /əˈl(j)ʊərɪŋ/  (adjective) Kata dasar: allure (Noun) Arti: yang menarik, yang memikat Example: Bali is an alluring place to spend the holiday with family. 3. Carry

Vocabulary in News : Ministers plan talks on request to block Airbnb

Vocabulary 1.  hampered Kata dasar : Hamper |ˈhampər| Verb menghambat perkembangan example : Their work is hampered by lack of funds.   2.  conventional |kənˈven(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l| Adjective konvensional, lazim, biasa example : A conventional morality had dictated behavior.   3.  occupancy |ˈäkyəpənsē| Noun hunian, pemilikan example : The house is finally ready for occupancy.   4.

Vocabulary in News : Why do we trust Google more than the government?

Vocabulary 1.  tech-savvy adjective sangat mahir dalam menggunakan teknologi modern terutama komputer. example  : Kids are pretty tech-savvy these days.   2.  fraudsters |ˈfrôdstər| Noun penipu, orang yg menipu example  : Beware with all the scammers and fraudsters over the internet.   3.  skepticism |ˈskeptəˌsizəm| Noun meragukan kebenaran sesuatu example : These claims were treated