Long time ago in ancient china, there lived four beautiful women who were well known/very famous at that time. These four beautiful women is legendary women known as in Chinese history , how they manipulate their appearance to support Chinese government . these four women not only famous because their beauty but also because of their cleverness.

These four women are often illustrated in literature, music, stage and screen stories for teenage women. Many Chinese painting attempts to potray their beauty and the graciousness of these women. The stories of these four beautiful women are widely used as film or an opera. These four women are well-known as Xi shi , Wang Zhaojun , Diao Chan and Yang Guifei .


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1 . Xi Shi

The first is Xi Shi西施lived in Chunqiu Dynasty during 722BC – 481BC, at this time occured a lot of fighting. The king who is originally from where xi shi lived was being humiliated by the king from neighboring country. Therefore, the king planned to revenge by using the most beautiful girl from his kingdom, known as Xi Shi. Xi Shi trained to tempt the king from neighbouring country. Finally, alongside the help from Xi Shi, the king successfully defeated the king from neighboring country.

2 . Wang Zhaojun

Wang Zhaojun王昭君lived the Han dynasty during (206BC – 220AD). Believed that Wang Zhaojun lived about 30BC, at that time was a barbarian era which is called as xiong hu in chinese and after that also well known as the Hun clan. Head of the clan demanded to marry with one of the concubines from the Han court. Wang Zhaojun volunteered to sacrifice herself for marriage for the sake of land peace. The king admit it, but in the end the emperor really regret what he has done because he just realized that Wang Zhaojun is the most beautiful concubine. Thanks to Wang, China and Xionghu became friends and there was no conflict between them over 60 years old.

3 . Diao Chan

Character Diao Chan貂蝉believed to be the only character that was written in the Three Kingdoms story that was born in the era of the Ming Dynasty. The end of the Han Dynasty , a tyrannical warlord named Dong Zhuo destroyed many lands of the region, including the cause of death of parents Diao Chan. She was adopted by a minister named Wang Yun. But when Dong Zhuo threatens her new father’s life, she steps in and uses her beauty to be Dong Zhuo ‘s mistress and wife of his best soldiers , Lu Bu . Diao Chan manipulate and create some kind of jealousy between Dongzhuo and Lu Bu, he convinces Lu Bu to kill Dong Zhuo and also the soldiers who defected.

4 . Yang Guifei

Yang Guifei杨贵妃story leads towards western romance that ended tragically. As the wife of the son of the emperor in the Tang Dynasty , she had contact with Emperor Xuanzong . Now, it should be noted that it is uncommon for Chinese custom to have very young children, especially the prince, who married a woman a few years older than him as his first wife. Emperor fell in love with Yang Guifei but technically could not show his affection to Yang Guifei. So instead, he made Yang as a nun and through his right as Emperor; he took it to court and eventually make it into his main concubine. Unfortunately, there is turmoil among the kingdom and while the Emperor spent time thinking about Yang Guifei , the kingdom fallen. Yang Guifei blamed for the fallen of the kingdom. The royal advisors demanded her to be killed or they no longer protect the State. At last Yang Guifei sacrificed her life so that the Emperor and the empire could still be protected.

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(Edited by Yuni Hu)