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What they say about Squline

“I enrolled to squline to practise my IELTS speaking test. The programme was very helpful and I was able to achieve 6.5 in my IELTS speaking thanks to squline. I’m very grateful to squline. To all potential students, you have to try squline. You won’t regret it. In addition, the teachers are friendly and helpful.”
Albert Hernando
“Learning with squline is very suitable for those of you who are very busy,
you can arrange your own schedulle with the teachers,
you can choose your native speaker teachers
and because it’s a one-on-one class therefore the teacher would know our progress and our needs, overall, it’s really worth it”
Mikey Tanadi
“Learning English with SquLine is very flexible.
One time, i was stuck in traffic and haven’t reached home yet,
therefore i did the first 10 minutes of the class in my car.
All i did, was just turning on Skype and access the material from my phone.
Learning English with SquLine really helps with improving my speaking skill
because i would converse in English more often with other people.
All of the teachers are friendly too.”
Karisa Kandouw
“I knew almost nothing about Chinese before; but in just 3 months I am pretty confident that I can express myself in Chinese! The teachers also constantly correct my pronunciation and work on my weaknesses in the class.”
Ismutarti Satitiningsih


Quick Way To Learn Foreign Languages Online From Anywhere And Anytime With Squline

SquLine is the first pioneer of online English learning and online Mandarin-Chinese learning institution in Indonesia, which has successfully introduced the effective way to learn English dan faster route to be fluent in Mandarin-Chinese. Squline realizes the tremendous demand for students that are willing to learn basic English and conversational English, therefore, SquLine provides certified foreign teachers from the Philippine, whom can help the students to be fluent in English quicker. Besides learning the basic English for beginners, SquLine also caters online English lessons for kids and young executives keen to be fluent in English. After knowing the importance of learning English and Mandarin-Chinese for the better future, of course you would want to register yourself right away with SquLine to learn foreign languages online and also get the benefit of our free first trial class. SquLine also provides intensive Mandarin-Chinese course by fully-experienced native teachers directly from Beijing will teach basic beginner Mandarin-Chinese at ease, as well as teaching the more complicated conversational Mandarin-Chinese and for HSK Test Purpose. Additionally, Squline realizes the big enthusiasm in learning Japanese language for beginner, so on Desember 2016, Squline has launched online Japanese language course with professional teachers from Aki No Sora.

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We will always try to improve our service and accumulate more variety in our services, that are accessible from anywhere and anytime. The experience on learning English online, learning Mandarin-chinese online and learning Japanese online will never be this fun! Now with additional Online Japanese Course for beginner to advance levels, you will be able to be fluent in doing Japanese conversation much quicker. You can learn conversational English online, basic Mandarin-Chinese online and basic Japanese language online everyday with a very affordable price. Get our special offers and promotions to experience the excitement in learning English online, learning Mandarin-Chinese online and learning Japanese language with professional teachers from Aki No Sora which are easily accessible with SquLine.
If you would want to be one step forward in English, Mandarin-Chinese and Japanese conversational skills, do not hesitate to access the best online language learning website in Indonesia: SquLine.com

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Based on our tagline ‘Be Smart Your Way’ , SquLine wants everybody to find a way to be smarter and proficient in English, Mandarin and Japanese in more convenient and efficient ways. It would be easier for them to be fluent in Mandarin-Chinese, English and Japanese from anywhere and anytime with the help of SquLine’s Learning Management System (LMS) which is very user friendly. It’s possible to book your Mandarin-Chinese class, English class and Japanese class from just your fingers tips. You can also check your learning improvement from our website to stay up to date on your own study progress. All of these are done so that all of us would be able to move forward to achieve Squline’s vision, which is ‘unlocking borderless society’. So let’s have fun be fluent with Squline.com.