Paulin Tresnawati Jakarta, Indonesia, September 2013 "I do enjoy my Chinese lessons and I have told my friends about how wonderful this program is. I am impressed with my teacher’s ability to adjust her teaching according to my needs. I appreciate her many emails as well. Thank you for your customer support work behind the scenes!”
David Suwito Jakarta, Indonesia, Februari 2014 “Excellent! I loved every minute of the classes. I enjoyed the class so much, and my sister will start to learn Mandarin online too. I will tell my friends about how wonderful your Mandarin courses are”
Ismutarti Satitiningsih on Saturday, 05 September 2014 “I knew almost nothing about Chinese before; but in just 3 months I am pretty confident that I can express myself in Chinese! This is not magic, I worked hard on it. It also helps me a great deal that my teacher constantly corrects my pronunciation and works on my weaknesses in the class”
Anita Suryani on Saturday, 20 August 2014 “Squline is my first online course experience. It's so much appropriate for those who are busy and need flexibility to schedule their classes. What I like the most from Squline are the booking class system, the progress records and of course the teachers. They provide competent teachers, each with slightly different teaching approach.”